22.01.2018 The first container of this year

The new year has started well for Stichting Corantijn.
We were able to fill a sea container in aid of our fellow man in Surinam.

Last Saturday eleven volunteers started placing the packages from the warehouse and container storage into the rental container.
Do you want to see how things evolved? We made a video.

The ‘writing’ team that made the packaging lists during the loading had to be changed regularly because of the cold. Indoor they were able to warm up or help out so they were quickly at the right temperature again.

As a surprise one of the volunteers made soup and lovely sandwiches.
They went down really well after a morning of hard work as you see on the lunchvideo!

A medical device meant for vain surgery had to be loaded as well. This was quite a job and some muscle and creativity was needed.
But we managed it somehow, as you can see.

A lot of work was put into this by everyone. Thanks very much for the fact you gave your spare time and muscle!

Also thank you to those who helped realizing the sending of this container, either by donating goods and/or money:
Many thanks!

Marion van Berkum