20.02.2018 Educational project completed

The refurbishment of the three primary schools in the interior of Surinam is finished.

Not just the children of the schools in Balingsoela, Dankbaarkondre and Alliance have been given a backpack filled with school materials, also the pupils of primary school O.S. Dijkman in Paramaribo have been pleased.

Below snaps and letters of thanks which we received from the schools.

O.S. Balingsoela at Balingsoela, district Brokopondo:

O.S. Afobakaweg at Dankbaar Kondre, district Brokopondo

O.S. Bakkie at Alliance, district Commewijne
pictures come later

O.S. Dijkveld at Paramaribo, district Wanica

Many thanks to Stichting SuriFlevo and all the others who helped us making this project work.

Marion van Berkum