05.03.2018 Goods 4th container 2017 given out

Mid-September 2017 the 4th container was filled en put on transport to Surinam.
A couple of days before Christmas the container arrived at the Paramaribo harbour.

The clearance went very smoothly and so the container was ready for transport to Welbedacht.

But first the ambulance was unloaded. Once again Stichting Corantijn took care of this transport on behalf of Stichting Sur-Cad. Because our volunteers are keen not to transport air, the ambulance was filled with all sorts of goods. These had to be unloaded first before the ambulance could drive off. The container went on to Welbedacht in Commewijne.

When arriving at Welbedacht it had already turned dark. But no one cared about that.

First they all enjoyed a meal and after that the unloading started.
They’re all heroes!

Here you will find a compilation of photographs of the materials that were donated and the ‘thank-you’ letters we received

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