21.03.2018 Enjoyment when given direct personal help!

The container which arrived in Surinam in January 2018 contained goods for a few of our adoption plan children and are badly needed.
When handicapped it brings along many more costs. For instance clothes that wear more quickly because it needs a wash more often. And the need for incontinence materials, special shoes and other medical goods. These additional costs come down to the family and/or care takers which is almost impossible to do.

Care for a multiple handicapped young man.

A multiple handicapped young man receives incontinence materials, clothing and toys from each container.
Because of his handicap he regularly loses his balance and falls.
To prevent this he was given a rollator.
His mobility in and around the house and also during outings has improved.
He himself and his caretaker are well pleased with this help.

Care for a handicapped girl.

This girl has recently been added to our adoption plan scheme.
Because of her handicap her ankles need to be kept in a straight forward position. She has need for orthopaedic shoes which are well beyond her price range. In order to see if firm ankle boots are an option a pair has been sent to her. In each container there is also incontinence material, toys and reading books for her.
She is very pleased with all these gifts and so are her parents.

Marion van Berkum