01.05.2018 Bunkopu Seri, what is it?

Bunkopu seri, announced on the pavement sign as Boeng Kopoe Serie, means a sale, usually organised by a church, with a social goal.

Stichting Corantijn organises this kind of events a couple of times per year in small villages in the interior.
The goods on sale are on display in the church building of the New Apostolic Church or in the krutu area, which is the meeting hall, of the village.
The villagers come in and search for clothes, shoes etc. Young and old can find a new wardrobe for little money.

The money raised in this way goes into a special fund of the church community.
They can now organise social activities for all the villagers. This is sometimes a meal during a gathering or a sporting event for the youngsters, etc.

A look behind the scenes of some of the bunkopu seri’s which have been organised lately.




Marion van Berkum