20.06.2018 Playground in Balingsoela comes to life

Mid 2017 a project was planned to realise a children’s playground in Balingsoela.
The municipality of Heerlen donated several items of play equipment to Stichting Corantijn.

In the jungle a child can enjoy itself quite easily, playing in the sand, hide and seek and tagging but that’s about it. Toys like children in The Netherlands have, you don’t see there.
For teenagers and the older children there is a space available where they can play football or some other ball game. And playing football is what the smaller boys also like.

Nearby the church and a multifunctional building, which at the moment is being refurbished by Stichting Corantijn, a separate enclosed playground is being realised.

The children can go on the swings, seesaw, climb on climbing devices and come down from a slide.
They hve a lot of fun!

In the third quarter of 2018 rubber tiles will be put in place.

This project by Stichting Corantijn was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of NAK-karitativ and the Heerlen municipality.

Marion van Berkum