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 +====== 18.02.2018 Students are being helped on their way ======
 +In the past two months two students have been given support by Stichting Corantijn.
 +Gerno Maabo is in his third year of study at the MBO NATIN (Technical Nature Institute). He is studying Mechanical Engineering and needs to frequently write reports.\\
 +Until now he  had to ask fellow students if they were prepared to lend him their computer.\\ ​
 +If he worked from home he had to use an internet café which is expensive.\\
 +You pay for the use of the computers and the printing of your work.
 +Stichting Corantijn asked her sponsor, the one who organizes the competition “good story, win a laptop”, if Gerno could join in the competition this year. Gerno was subsequently invited to do so. \\
 +His story impressed our sponsor and Gerno won the '​refurbished'​ laptop.\\
 +You can understand that he was thrilled. It saves him a lot of money and time.\\
 +And moreover he can further develop his skills on the computer.
 +Another student, Remes Jabini, had received a second hand bicycle in the past.\\
 +He is studying Mining at NATIN.\\
 +The bicycle was ‘not very fit’ anymore, as they say in Surinam, after it had been used for two years. It means that the bike had a lot wrong with it. Pictures of the ‘not so fit’ bike confirmed that a trip to the bicycle repair shop was necessary.\\
 +The sponsor of the bicycle was also prepaired to take care of the maintenance of the bike.\\
 +This means of transport now, is again in tip top shape.\\
 +Remes is very happy!\\
 +Marion van Berkum