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 +====== 15.03.2018 Direct and personal aid: a scoot mobile ======
 +During one of the travels of a member of the board, a lady was visited who has been receiving help from Stichting Corantijn for quite some time now.
 +This lady is paralysed from birth due to polio.\\
 +Despite this she takes care of a 4 year old grand child who was born a deaf-mute.\\
 +She does a lot of crocheting and makes bags and cuddly toys which she tries to sell, to help out with the family finances. In order to get to and from her sale outlet she needs a scoot mobile.
 +In our talks with her it became apparent that her family has had a rough year.\\
 +One of her husband’s legs was amputated because of a serious infection.\\
 +He is now under treatment with physiotherapy and hopes to be mobile again on his crutches.\\
 +Without help he is unable to go outdoors and therefore unable to get to work.\\
 +This brings him down.
 +The family would love to receive a scoot mobile in order to make her husband’s life liveable again.
 +Stichting Corantijn was donated a scoot mobile by the Mr. Huber Stichting, it however had no batteries.\\
 +A Dutch family got word of this and donated the necessary batteries.
 +Wonderful how this worked out!\\
 +We **thank you** all very much.\\
 +Marion van Berkum