18.04.2018 The first container of 2018 has arrived

On the 1st of March 2018 the first container of this year has arrived in Surinam.
After custom cleanrance a transport truck took the container to Welbedacht, at our storage facilities.

The container stayed on the truck because this is a rental one. This means it has to be unloaded in one day. The goods have been temporarily transferred to an empty container.
This is extremely heavy in the sweltering heat and the hight that needs to be bridged.

In the next weeks all the boxes and packages need to be sorted.
When this is finished the recipients will be called in order to fix a pick up date.
Goods meant for individuals are brought to them as they usually do not have means of transport.

There are also goods for our shop in Welbedacht: Winkri Makandra.
Shop inventory, like cloth stands, jewellery displays, busts and display dolls for clothes etc. And of course goods for selling in the store. Just enough for the next container to arrive.

Here below a report on the distribution of the goods and the received thank-you letters:

Marion van Berkum