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 +====== 28.04.2018 Royal decoration for former advisor and volunteer ======
 +Stichting Corantijn has written a letter of recommendation and next to other recommendations our former advisor and warehouse manager Teus Anbeek received, what we so call ‘a ribbon’, which is a Royal decoration.\\
 +Teus is now a member of the ‘Orde van Oranje Nassau’.
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 +**[color=red]Heartfelt congratulations on behalf of the entire board![/​color]**</​columns>​
 +On Thursday the 26th of April the invitees gathered in the townhall of Hilversum.\\
 +In the hall, which was decorated in orange, each individual was seated and welcomed with coffee and special cakes.
 +The Hilversum mayor, mr. Pieter Broertjes, handed out 7 ribbons that day.\\
 +Teus was the second, in alphabetical order.
 +For many years Teus has volunteered for many charitable causes, such as:\\
 +The children’s playground De Zoutkeet of which he is treasurer. He is also child minder for several weekly shifts, and he is a Sinterklaas help, who works for the real Sinterklaas,​ etc.
 +Amaris Zuiderheide where he cooperates with the team that organises activities. Teus also makes sure the seniors are given entertainment when he drives them on a bus to several locations like museums, garden centres etc. Also he prepares the famous Dutch ‘oliebollen’ around New Year’s Eve and he bakes pancakes and/or waffles occasionally.
 +Motivated by his wife Clara’s work for Stichting Corantijn, Teus also took up his volunteership for our foudation.
 +He managed the overall logistics in our former warehouse in Benschop. He picked up goods from all over Holland, he tried to find sponsors for packaging materials which are being used in the warehouse and he accompanied his wife as a driver on her many travels. Whether it being in Holland to a meeting, standing on markets for promotional activities or when travelling around Surinam to visit all the projects and/or finding new projects.\\
 +He also supported the treasurer of our foundation. Quickly he also sat down at the table of the board as an advisor.
 +Teus has got his heart in the right place for his fellow human being. Always prepared to invest his time and talents. He did so for Stichting Corantijn.\\
 +He also had a willing ear for the other volunteers. They were always happy to work with him.\\
 +At the end of 2015 he finished his activities for our Stichting. He left a lasting impression on us.\\
 +Marion van Berkum