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 +====== 15.07.2018 Direct and personal aid: a wheelchair and more ======
 +Stichting Corantijn received a request from Surinam for a medical appliance for Mrs Sanmoestawi.
 +This lady underwent an operation after a serious accident. Her leg needed to be amputated.\\
 +She is also a diabetic.
 +She tries to take care of herself as best as she can, and even tries to do her bit in her sons household, where she is living in. From her wheelchair she sweeps and mops the floor, cleans the refrigerator and helps to prepare for dinner.\\ When she has got something on her hands it stops her from worrying too much.
 +Due to the humid conditions she is living in, the bearers of her wheelchair block regularly making her fall.\\
 +This is dangerous.\\
 +Her family managed to collect money a couple of times in order to replace former wheelchairs for 'new second- or more hand'. Because of the economic crisis and the ever increasing healthcare costs for their mum, they are unable to do this anymore.
 +Stichting Corantijn managed to deliver a wheelchair together with a decubitus cushion.\\
 +Furthermore a regular supply of incontinence material, lancets and insulin needles etc. will be donated.\\
 +Marion van Berkum