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 +====== 19.09.2018 Exams passed and back to work ======
 +{{:​foto:​geslaagd_remes18:​6._geslaagd_2018-2.jpg?​74|geslaagd,​ een etentje}}
 +{{:​foto:​geslaagd_remes18:​6._geslaagd_2018-3.jpg?​74|geslaagd,​ een etentje}}\\
 +From all the students Stichting Corantijn supported in the past, there was still one student underway in his studies. All the others already passed their exams.
 +And now the last one of this project from the past took his exams.\\
 +Remes Jabini graduated in the specialisation Mining at NATIN!\\
 +He is extremely happy and grateful for our support in all the years of study.\\
 +Remes writes the following:​\\
 +//“I’m ever so happy that I received my diploma.\\
 +I would like to thank the foundation.\\
 +My mother would never have been able to afford my studies.\\
 +She would have loved to do so but she had no financial means.”//​\\
 +Stichting Corantijn is proud of him and took him out for dinner to celebrate. ​
 +And now Remes has started a new short six months course. It is a competence based education at UNASAT, School of Geology and Mining Technology. It is especially developed for the NATIN and ADEK mining graduates.\\
 +The aim of this new direction in mining is a mercury free gold production technology which will be more efficient and cheaper for the mining industry.
 +In order to produce gold in a mercury free manner one needs concentrators that will enable the industry to turn raw ore into a concentrate.\\
 +Remes will learn how to operate the machinery.\\
 +He is taught the ‘train the trainer’ principle.\\
 +After having finished this course Remes will be able to train the miners how to work in a mercury free environment.\\
 +Stichting Corantijn has found a sponsor who is very much behind this new technology and thinks it is important that he takes this course.\\
 +A great opportunity for him.\\
 +Marion van Berkum