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 +====== 02.12.2018 Result Back to School campaign 2018 ======
 +As part of the Stichting Corantijn schooling project, the ‘Back to School’ campaign was held in the past few months.
 +By now all the backpacks have been picked up on several locations in the Netherlands and the result is now clear.
 +In total **78 boxes filled with backpacks** and **44 boxes with additional schooling materials** are now ready to be shipped to Surinam.
 +As well as goods people could also donate money in order to support the campaign.\\
 +The last count is that we received **€ 1.005,-** on our bank account to buy additional backpacks and schooling materials.
 +It is **tremendous** to feel the enthusiasm of everyone who supported this campaign in order to give the Surinam children a chance to receive education. It is on their behalf as well that we thank all those
 +who donated. **A heartfelt thank you!**\\
 +Marion van Berkum