12.02.2019 Direct personal aid: a bicycle

Stichting Double Positive approached Stichting Corantijn if they could help out in donating a bicycle.

The bicycle goes to a 16 year old student.
His family is unable to finance the bus costs any longer.

Because Revilino, HIV affected, is very small for his age, an adult bike is no option.
We went looking for a 24 or 26 inch bicycle.

And we found one. This one however was not very boy like, it is pink with a tiger print….

The question whether or not he would ride the bike was not an issue, he wanted the bike that much.
There are however concerns regarding the colour. Would he be bullied at school even more than he is now, because of his chronical disease.

Revilino however has no worries whatsoever and he is extremely happy with his bicycle.

Marion van Berkum