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 +====== 24.04.2019 The Passion’s donation to Surinam ======
 +The Passion, a theater production of EO/​KRO/​NCRV,​ has developed into a permanent performance in Holland over the last nine years.\\
 +Around the broadcasting date on White Thursday numerous performances are being held. Each having their own interpretation.
 +The same performance took place in a parish in De Kwakel. The plan was as well to donate the revenues to three charities. Amongst several others, Stichting Corantijn was also invited to put forward their request.\\
 +After elaborate consultations within the team, it was decided that the Lourdes Fund, a children’s home in Nepal and the schooling project of Stichting Corantijn would receive a donation.
 +On Palm Sunday the Roman Catholic choir Revival, from the village of Zevenhoven, sang the Passion in a packed Sint Jans Geboortekerk De Kwakel. The story of the Passion was put into contemporary words. The images in the PowerPoint presentation,​ made by the choir itself, supported these words. The choir sang modern songs with new lyrics.\\
 +The whole atmosphere was subdued.
 +A week and a half later Stichting Corantijn was invited to receive her share of the revenues: **€ 535,00**.\\
 +The money will go towards the renovation of a school in Surinam.
 +We want to **thank** the organisation for all their efforts to make this such a great success!\\
 +Marion van Berkum