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 +====== 05.06.2019 A visit from Surinam to our warehouse! ======
 +A couple of days before the start of the International Youth Convention (IYC) in Düsseldorf four youngsters and their accompanist arrived from Surinam to take part in this event.
 +They are from Paramaribo, the capital of Surinam, and villages from the district Brokopondo, Balingsoela,​ Tapoeripa and Companiekreek. They were accompanied by Harvey Sanredjo, the district ‘elder’ in Surinam of the [[https://​www.nak-nl.org|New-Apostolic Churchk]]. They undertook an intensive journey to Holland.
 +After a wonderful time at the IYC they visited our warehouse in Lelystad, accompanied by Mr and Mrs. Arthur Amatkarijo from the village of Alliance in the Commewijne district.\\
 +Here they could see what sort of work Stichting Corantijn does to help Surinam and their inhabitants.\\
 +The visit ended with a delicious lunch in Enkhuizen.
 +Furthermore the youngsters visited, among other things, the Efteling while they were in Holland.
 +With many enthusiastic stories and pictures they returned home.\\
 +Marion van Berkum