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 +====== 26.06.2019 Summer concert for Surinam! ======
 +A few weeks ago Stichting Corantijn was approached with the question if it would be interested to connect the charity to a summer concert in the Martinus church in the village of Warnsveld.
 +The concert took place on the 23rd of June. The project choir Cantare and the district choir and orchestra ​ Midden-Nederland performed music and songs from the New Apostolic choir songbook. Even gospel songs and a classical repertoire ​ was sung in different languages. Each listener, there were 190 visitors of which 55 musicians and singers, found something of their liking.\\
 +The two conductors Esther Rinsma and Roel Pieterse, joined forces and made sure the choirs, soloists, duo’s and instrumentalists shone.
 +During the afternoon the work of Stichting Corantijn was brought to the attention of the visitors.\\
 +The large posters and brochures provided the necessary information.
 +After the concert two youngsters stood by the exit doorway with a collection box where a donation could be left behind. With a great result!\\
 +The concert raised **€ 438.85** for Stichting Corantijn.
 +We would like to **thank** the organisation,​ choir members and the musicians for all their efforts and the fact they approached us.\\
 +Marion van Berkum