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 +====== 13.07.2019 OBS De Pioniers helps Surinam schools ======
 +An number of years ago Stichting Corantijn already picked up some school furniture at this school. ​ So this time we were approached again when furniture became available.
 +In June when the request came in we were unable to collect the furniture as it was still in use and the new furniture had not arrived yet.\\
 +The date 11th of July at 13.30 hrs. was agreed upon.\\
 +At that time the summer holidays started and the pupils could take their table and chair out themselves.
 +And so it happened.\\
 +They had great fun, also because the holidays had started!
 +Soon it turned out to be more furniture than expected. We could not transport it all in one go.\\ 
 +Fortunately we have a container in Amstelveen so an extra return trip was soon made.\\
 +Back at school the teachers helped out with the remainder of the tables and chairs.
 +**Many thanks** for all the help and the goods we received for our education campaign.\\
 +Marion van Berkum