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 +====== 15.11.2019 Direct personal aid: a wheelchair ======
 +At the beginning of November one of our contacts went from the village Moengo to Makandra, the place in Commewijne where the warehouse sale of Stichting Corantijn takes place.
 +It was there that he found out that this very day a wheelchair would be delivered at his house. Because he had space in his car he was able to take the wheelchair with him.\\
 +This means one trip less into town for Stichting Corantijn.
 +This contact was approached with a request earlier by a Mrs. Sakie from the village Nieuw Aurora. This village is in the district of Sipaliwini.\\
 +Mrs. Sakie’s mother had a brain infarct and is therefore paralyzed half-sided. To be able to get out of her house, a wheelchair is needed. Just to be sure the ladies measurements were taken and fortunately they matched the wheelchairs measurements.
 +Mid November the wheelchair was deliverend at Mrs. Sakie’s house.\\
 +She is delighted with it because she can now again participate in the social life in the village.\\
 +Marion van Berkum