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 +====== 08.01.2020 Women'​s organisation in Suriname ======
 +In the small village of Brownsweg in the Brokopondo district in the interior of Surinam, they have a so called women’s organisation. They regularly gather in the village house.
 +A women’s organisation in a village contributes to the development of this village and the passing of knowledge in culture and values onto the next generation.\\
 +They gather to share stories, make clothes, decorate gourds with notches and jewellery from seeds, etc.
 +For the men they make the kamisa, a loincloth and the bandja-kuusu,​ this is worn diagonally over one shoulder and under the other armpit. For the women they make a pangi, a cloth which is worn around the waist. The clothes are embroidered with motives which have special meanings and names. They also combine different fabrics and make a new cloth. They use the so called applique techniques.
 +Women who are skilled in making clothing enjoy respect within their community and are often asked to share their knowledge with the next generation.
 +The items they make are being sold to tourists and local passers-by.\\
 +With this they generate an income.
 +Stichting Corantijn helps these women by donating sewing machines, pieces of fabric, yarn, etc.\\
 +Marion van Berkum